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Portal Development

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A portal can help institutions save time and money while providing an opportunity to redesign many of their business processes. By redesigning business processes, institutions may gain substantial savings through more efficient business practices, cost avoidances, and measurable increases in constituent satisfaction. Portal technology will provide a positive “first impression” and illustrate you are on the cutting edge of technology. It will be instrumental in helping employees work more efficiently and be more productive by centralizing access to needed services and information.

Impetus Web Solutions Education management System (EMS) is an unique and comprehensive SAAS-based application software that simplifies administrative management, academic management and enabling institutions with better decision making capabilities. For School and information providers, portal will be integrated with institution, student information systems and other systems. It will give you a competitive edge. It eliminates the headache of multiple logins to various applications, websites and repositories.


It provides a powerful and fully automated online school management system that effectively manages all the functions related to Student, Management, Teachers and School Campus. It enormously helps improve the productivity levels of school staff & students and reduces over head costs. It provides more than 40 unique Institute Management functionalities that enable institutes to operate in a smooth and efficient way. Our Institute management software and operational model together provide a revolutionary and cost effective solution to educational institutions and promote technology at its best.

List of Module

- Communication
- Attendance Management
- Profile Management
- Leave Management
- SMS Notification
- User Management
- Alerts & Announcement
- Notice Board
- Homework and Assignments
- Schedule Management
- Academic Calendar & Holidays List
- Student Admission and Promotion
- Subject Management
- Syllabus Management
- Teachers Schedule
- Timetable Management
- Exam Schedule Management
- Discipline Management
- E-Report Card
- E-ID Card
- Question Paper Organizer
- Events Management
- Fees Management
- Transport Management
- Inventory
- Library Management
- Internal Messaging System
- Building and Rooms Management
- Hostel Management
- Results Announcement
- E-Commerce Integration
- Campus Management
- Gallery
- Certificates Generation
- Front Office Management
- Alumni Module
- Online Exam
- Content Management System for Institution’s website
- Comprehensive Reporting with statistics and Graphs
- Placement Management System
- E-Books